Services & Prices


At Elite Hair Extensions we offer a full range of hair extension services at a range of prices. We have Remy human hair available in lengths from 16 inches (sitting around the bra strap) all the way to 26 inches (at the base of the buttocks). We offer a full consultation to assess which hair and method of bonding is right for you and then custom-make the suitable size and weight strands.

All of our hair extensions on the Gold Coast include a complementary cut and style (valued at $80), as well as a 1 month follow up to check you’re getting the best from your extensions with your home care procedures.
As everyone’s hair is different, the price varies for the method used, length of hair, and number of extensions needed. Our prices are very competitive and great value given the quality of hair and products used. Please call our salon for an accurate quote.

Our prices reflect the high quality of work that we provide for our clients. Hair extensions are an investment in your appearance, one that pays off in increased confidence and lots of compliments! Sometimes it pays to spend a little more to ensure you get a quality job.

In addition to offering a range of prices to ensure everyone can afford hair extensions, we also have interest-free payment plans. Getting approval is easy in 98% percent of cases and it means you can get the hair you want now.

Hair Extension Types

We provide a wide range of hair extension types, to ensure that you have the most natural-looking extensions. While we prefer the keratin-bonds, we will always recommend the method we think suits your hair and lifestyle best.

Keratin Hair Extensions

For most clients, we recommend keratin bonds. These bonds prevent breakages, as they are flexible and place no strain on the hair. They are small and light-weight and are free from wax or metal that can damage hair cuticles.
Many of our clients, including the air hostesses and personal trainers who regularly use our services, prefer the keratin bonds because they give a very natural look. We can even blend keratin bonds into very fine or very blond hair, without any visible bonds.

Weave Hair Extensions

For a weave hair extension, a small corn row is braided along the scalp, out of site. A weft of hair is then sewn into the corn row, adding instant length and volume. Weaves are more suitable for medium thick to thick hair, as they need a bit of volume to ensure the braid is hidden.

Tape Hair Extensions

A tape hair extension is a long tape with the hair already attached, which is then attached under the natural hair, blending in seamlessly. They are very quick to apply, but the bonds are a little less natural, making it harder to style your hair.


In this method of hair application, the natural hair is pulled through a very small hoop with an even smaller hook and clamped into place. As the loops can be moved up when the extensions grow out, they can provide a very cost-effective method of getting thicker and longer hair. The downside of micro-loops is that the clamps can sometimes damage the hair.

Remy Hair Extensions

At Elite Hair Extensions, we only use high quality Remy Human Hair. These extensions are beautifully soft without the addition of any silicone coating, which soon wears off, leaving dry, brittle hair. All Remy Hair is cuticle correct, so that all of the strands are lying in their original direction, preventing accidental back-combing and the resulting tangles and frizzy hair.

The Remy Hair comes from Europe, Indian, Asia, and Russia.

We have a wide range of colours, lengths and textures in stock, so we’ll always have the perfect match for your hair.